A Guide to Buying Farm Fresh is a resource explaining how to purchase safe, healthy and tastier food in the Capital Region. The book shares the many options available for consumers to buy direct from our local farms and the value that behavior has on our Upstate New York economy and sustainability.

New York State is a major food producer, ranking in the top five in the nation in milk and other food production.

 "I thought I was pretty well versed with buying fresh and eating healthy, boy was I ever mistaken. One of my favorite quotes from Isaac Newton rings true, "What we know is a drop, what we don't know is an ocean." Thankfully "A Guide to Buying Farm Fresh" was the "ocean" of information for me and just in time for the start of a brand New Year and healthy new lifestyle choices. Author Julie Cushine-Rigg seamlessly weaves through vast information of a complicated industry -- agriculture -- and brings forth this invaluable guide to help the consumer think differently and buy differently -- with their family's health and budget in mind. Because of this guide, I plan to shop more at Farmers Markets, attend more seasonal "pick-your-own" directly on the farms, and I intend to join a local CSA (Consumer Supported Agriculture) going directly to the farmers for fresh produce while supporting their livelihood directly with my purchase. Thank you Julie Cushine-Rigg for your commitment to helping everyone to "eat well and safely in Upstate New York."

~ Glenn E. Kakely

Author of "Your Power To Create You: Discover Your Inner Source of Abundance"